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SCOTUS BRIEF - Moore v Harper

The Full Story

In early September 2022,  Taxpayers for Honest Elections (“TFHE”) filed an amicus brief in support of the North Carolina General Assembly in the Moore v. Harper case, which is set to appear before the Supreme Court of the United States later this fall. 


This case is on review at the highest court in the land following the North Carolina Supreme Court’s unconstitutional order to use its preferred congressional districts in the 2022 election. At issue is whether state courts have the power to create federal election law despite the US and North Carolina Constitutions providing that power to the state legislature. The North Carolina Supreme Court’s actions raise immense concern over the security of elections in this nation and the separation of powers. The only way to prevent similar power grabs by other activist judges is for the Supreme Court of the United States to order that state courts cannot usurp the legislature’s authority to pass the rules and the maps for federal elections as that power is entrusted solely to state legislatures. 

The case is expected to be heard in Fall 2022. 

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