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Election Day

The Equal Voting Access Project

TFHE is taking action to ensure voters in North Carolina have reasonable access to early voting sites through what they have dubbed the “Equal Voting Access Project.”

Like the majority of Americans, North Carolinians recognize the significance of voting in person in our democracy. A majority of votes in this State are now cast before Election Day. However, a great number of eligible voters may be dissuaded from participating in America’s democratic decision-making due to unnecessary obstacles such as the lack of reasonable access to polling sites during the Early Voting period. 


TFHE believes that close proximity to an early voting location makes a real difference to voters when considering when, where, and if they are going to cast their ballots—and we’ve provided data to back it up.  


All North Carolinians should have reasonable access to early voting sites and TFHE is arguing that exact point to the State Board of Elections. In the first year of the Project, TFHE decided to pilot five counties in North Carolina: Davidson, Duplin, Moore, Union, and Wayne. 

You can learn more about the arguments and analyses TFHE has done for the five pilot counties below.

See the letter TFHE sent the State Board regarding their duty to review early voting plans at this link.  


Duplin County

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Moore County


Union County

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